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"Simply put, Susanne Kaiser helped me change the direction of my life, for the better... she helped me see a life for myself that I was not readily cognizant of prior to meeting her.  Susanne's love and compassion for her clients and her insightfulness and innovativeness make her not only an incredible human being but an amazing therapist.
Susanne uses a vast array of techniques with her clients and is one of the most knowledgeable individuals I have encountered.  I have, and will continue to, recommended Susanne to family members and friends with only the upmost of confidence."
DV, Singer/Songwriter, New York, New York

"There is a saying, "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear." Susanne Kaiser was not only an incredible therapist but a wonderful teacher as well. She taught me through her own actions: by her deep level of commitment, her integrity as a counselor, and her cutting edge knowledge of the inter-relationship between mental, physical and spiritual health. I give her an A+ and will always be deeply grateful for her presence in my life."
NE, Health Educator, Asheville, North Carolina

"Susanne's Integrative Psychotherapy is the best and fastest approach to integrative wellness and that includes body, mind and soul for the client as well as their relationships. Her special talents and experience opens doors of transformation towards joy and happiness. I strongly recommend Susanne Kaiser."
Fadel Behman, Director, Holistic Health Energy Institute, Montreal, Canada

"Susanne is a heart touching consultant with more steps for people for mental issues for life."
TA, Qigong Energy Healer & Teacher,   Melbourne, Australia

"I met Susanne when I lived in Chapel Hill in 2009. She has introduced me to a wide range of mind, body and spiritual healing techniques. She is a compassionate, giving person with a wealth of knowledge in the healing arts."
MR, Urgent Care Physician, North Carolina

"I absolutely recommend Susanne. Her work is EXCELLENT!!!!"
SR, Executive Assistant, Atlanta, Georgia

"Susanne is a very talented; hard working and just nice to work with. I got to know her well and she amazed me at how efficient she is and she is very detail oriented. Susanne cares very much about the people she serves and is a wonderful teacher, who shares the information she knows."
RG , Qigong Energy Healer & Teacher , Salem, Oregon
"Susanne integrates a wide array of amazing tools into her practice, she is honest, consistent, trustworthy, available, delivers excellent work for a reasonable price. Never felt that I wasted time, always walked away learning valuable information. Susanne brought wonderful clarity and I value her work greatly."
JB, Massage Therapy Instructor, Wilmington, North Carolina

"Susanne is a well trained and compassionate psychotherapist who is very client centered in her work. I recommend her without reservation to anyone seeking a highly skilled and caring therapist."
Karen Blicher, Director of Mental Health Education, MAHEC, Asheville, North Carolina

"Susanne attended ongoing psychotherapy training that I provided in Chapel Hill, NC at the Southeast Institute. She is a highly accomplished therapist with a wide variety of skills."
Dr. Fred Gallo,  Clinical Psychologist & Author, Advanced Energy Psychology Founder, Gallo & Associates Psychological Services,  Hermitage, Pennsylvania

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